3rd Party Inspection
3rd Party Inspection
» Steel Construction Manufacturing; Manufacturing Process Controls and Reporting.
» Storage Tanks and Pipelines Manufacturing; Manufacturing Process Controls and Reporting.
» Manufacturing Process Controls of Boilers and Pressure Vessels.
» Evaluation and Approval of Welding Procedures.
» Evaluation and Approval of Hydrostatic Test
» Material (Pipes, Sheets) Evaluation and Approval.
» Team-Equipment (Valve, Elbow, Pump etc.) Evaluation and Approval.
» Control of the Production Process of Lifting and Conveying Machines and Control of the Products.
» Supervision Services in Production, Transport-Shipment, Stocking, Loading-Unloading and Distribution of Products.
» Supervision of Pressure Tests and Approval of Reports.
» Supervision of Equipment Function and Load Tests and Approval of Reports
» Supervision of Plant / Equipment Commissioning, Installation and Project Acceptance Tests
» Periodic Controls and Reporting
» Torque Control
» Hydrostatic Test
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- Consultancy Services
- EN 17024 Personal Certification
- EN 17020 Inspection Services
- Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)